Monday, 24 August 2015

Rainy Days & Mondays

Grey is one of my new favourite colours, and today it has been very grey. Today has been a day for lazing on the sofa in a fleecy blanket; Going out in the morning to the garden centre to buy floristry supplies and a fuchsia plant. Being a tad upset that our local farm shop has shut down. Walking home, being soaked by a white van man (it's okay though as if I was driving, I'd probably be driving through puddles too!). Seeing gorgeous puppies for sale in our local shop window. Catching up with TV, especially Ru Paul's Drag Race, where the ladies do their make up probably better than I can! Lunch from a tin. Numerous mugs of tea. Blog planning. Holiday planning (Hello Blackpool, Las Vegas & NY!). Preparing for tomorrow's trip to London. Fish & Chips for tea. Stripey socks. Baths. Mini arguments. The sound of rain on the conservatory. Finding that we have pumpkins growing in the garden. Today has been a lovely day. I love the rain as I always used to believe it washed away all the bad things, and meant you could start a fresh. Here are some snaps from the day... 

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Seven Simple Things

 photo 9c669e49-3a31-4e29-9215-7a2c38ac90e3_zpslneftmwa.jpg

I've just got back from half a week away, and I am feeling seriously refreshed. Next week is the final-ish week of my holiday, and I have got so much to do but, a lot of my to do list does involve lovely days out and a shopping trip on Payday... to Lush... on Oxford Street... bye bye wages! If anyone has tried any particular new Lush items, that I should get, let me know... I get ridiculously indecisive when shopping so I'm going with a pre-thought out list (which includes Frozen and The Experimenter!).

1. Good weather, good food & chilling out.
2. Seeing the new Papertowns movie in a very posh cinema!
3. Modern Family Season 6 being on my Sky Boxsets, and watching the lot in a week. There is no such thing as too little Dunphy loving or Lily-isms that I wouldn't tire of watching!
4. Finding perfect workwear in Primark that comes in the form of high necks, Rachel from Friends style tops, dresses and skirts in the sale! I brought a style of each, and now I know it fits (dropped a dress size too *mega high five*!) I'm buying each style in as many colours as I can find ready for September!
5. Making big big big plans for the next six months.
6. Finding the most perfect dress in Marks and Spencers ... it was leopard print and had a 60s Pattie Boyd vibe to it!
7. Keeping Up With The Kardashians... favourite new reality tv show... can't believe I haven't watched it sooner!

Tweet/Instagram me what has made you happy this week! 

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

24 by 24;

24 by 24 is an idea you may recognize from last year from this space. In 2016, I still will be turning my lucky number, however last week, whilst reading The Book of Brave, and feeling crazily inspired, I decided to sit down and re-write the list. Some ideas I had back in December, have changed, some things I have ticked off (qualifying as a teacher & attending the Blogcademy in London to name a few) and to be honest I needed a kick up the backside to achieve the goals I really want/need to achieve...

  1. Lose 77 pounds
  2. Graduate from university 
  3. Complete a marathon 
  4. Visit Las Vegas
  5. Go up the Empire State Building
  6. Publish an E-Book
  7. Get a tattoo
  8. Pass my driving test 
  9. Save money
  10. Have business cards printed 
  11. Volunteer for Crisis at Christmas
  12. Join a dance class
  13. Go up the Shard
  14. Have my hair styled
  15. Launch Etsy shop
  16. See Les Miserables
  17. Have a photo shoot
  18. Be wholly open and honest
  19. Start a Youtube channel
  20. Restore my dollshouse
  21. Upgrade my camera
  22. Learn a new instrument
  23. Buy a statement bag
  24. Learn that Pulp Fiction dance 

So I have 185 days to try and conquer as much of my mini bucket list as possible! Some tasks quite honestly scare the shite out of me (17 & 19 especially!) but knowing that stepping outside of my comfort zone will make me a better person is keeping me motivated right now! I'll be posting updates over the next 6-7 months on my progress of each, and when something is achieved, it'll be ticked off on a linked page, with a more indepth story of why I picked it.

What do you have on your bucket list? 

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Images of Pulp Fiction movie taken from Google. 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Kate Spade Wishlist

Kate Spade has been a long time favourite of mine. I love everything from the bold colours, the professional, the outrageous and all those slogans! Above are a selection of the pieces that are in my browser, that I constantly refresh to check aren't sold out during pre-payday blues, and I thought I'd share them with you today...

1. The one ultimate thing, that I have been lusting after for the past month is the Mayfair Drive Luxe Tullie  ; at £538 this is one indulgent treat, but seriously my dream bag. I already have two Kate Spade bags, and this one will be joining my collection come payday (I'm hoping for a sale/code by then!).

2. The Odds and Ends Daisy Place Medium Square Dish has been a long time favourite of mine! Kate Spade have such a gorgeous range of homeware at the moment, including watercolour china and slogan bakeware.

3. After a shopping trip to the Ashford Outlet in Kent, I purchased a few grey pieces of clothing, and I'm seeing myself become a bit of a grey lover; calling the Cedar Lacey Street Wallet. This is a popular Kate Spade piece which comes in a wide range of colours. I love cliff grey the most, and I also love the polka dot print on the inside!

4. The Cobble Hill Charley Backpack is another beautiful bag - I love a backpack, as a self confessed bag lady who always packs too much! I can't decide which colour I like more black or clock tower.

5. Under the category 'gift for the grads', the One in a Million Business Card Holder is high on my to do list. When I saw Kate Spade had an initial card holder range, each in different colours, I was hoping that 'J' would be red... and it was! As I'm planning to order business cards ready for Blogstock in early September, and as I am currently graduating/starting my first full time job, it would be wrong not to order this right? ;)

What pieces are you loving from Kate Spade at the moment? I'd love links to any outfit posts including Kate Spade too. 

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