Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lazing on A Sunny Afternoon

Hello from what seems to be the sunniest of weeks ever! Today is just a little snapshot into the garden and Cece lapping up some sunshine.
Flowers have begun blooming in the garden, although I have the on-going losing battle of growing daffodils and sunflowers, and wanting a meadow in my back garden. I need an SOS course on gardening or just to hire a gardener to really get the garden I desire! Any tips are most welcome!
 I'm hoping this year, the garden will be a place full of wonderful memories, pretty flowers and plenty of apples, grapes and home grown veg. Even though I'm petrified of frogs, I've also even considered opening back up the pond ... although last time it was uncovered Cece fell in!
Cece loves exploring the garden!
What have you been up to whilst the sun has been shining? 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Everything is Rosie

Yesterday I ventured out to my favourite charity shop hotspot in the search of some education supplies to help my training. I found some absolute gems, including some additions to my spring wardrobe, however the one thing I was most pleased with was this Rosie Gift Set from Lush. The set costs £21.25 on the Lush website, however I've noticed this must be a newer version of the set with new packaging and the addition of the Tisty Tosty bath bomb... the £3.49 price tag I paid above though is a steal compared to what I would've paid in store!
Rose is one of my favourite scents, and when I finally opened this package up (because I obviously didn't just buy the box because it was Lush and had a retro pattern...) I was so pleased at the contents! Amandopondo is one of my all time favourite Lush products... I fell in love with Bubble Bars because of this bar, and haven't looked back since! Rose Jam Bubbleroon is a product I've been waiting to try for a while, and am looking forward to the rose & lemon scents in my bathtub.
I've never tried a bath ballistic before as I'm not a fan of bath bombs, however the petals are enticing me towards the Rose Queen. The Argan Body Conditioner I have never tried before either; the scent of almond and brazil alongside rose smells delicious though! 

Which Lush gift sets do you love?

Friday, 17 April 2015

The Courtyard of Daffodils ; A Walk through Begijnhof

It's amazing how much you can pack into a day trip with a little bit of planning... during my five hour visit to Brugge a couple of weeks back, I visited a few little gems around Brugge. This is part one, and one of the places that was top of my to do list. Begijnhof is a pretty little courtyard, down a side road from Minnewater. When we arrived, we was dropped off right by Minnewater park, and found Begijnhof within a matter of minutes (which pleased me immensely!)

The courtyard is full of quaint houses, and the paths across the flowers. April is daffodil season, which made me ridiculously happy... I quite honestly could've spent the whole day sitting peacefully in the courtyard. There are signs for quiet in the courtyard, which sets a lovely, tranquil atmosphere, and is a complete opposite to the hustle and bustle of the Brugge town square!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Chanel Rose Confidentiel Nail Polish

As part of my Spring make up bag, I decided I needed some neutral colours, mainly for work/interviews… as part of my trip to the Chanel counter, alongside buying a certain rose themed blusher I picked up Rose Confidentiel… the colour is a beautiful rose, blush pink and stands out from a neutral manicure, but the colour is not in your face (unlike my Dragon & Rouge Noir shades!)