Monday, 23 February 2015

happy mondays; choose happiness

If you are a #theterrificproject follower, and have a calendar, you may notice today's prompt is 'choose happiness'. Today is probably one of the worst days ever for me to choose happiness, due to different stresses and happenings right now, which is annoying as tomorrow is my birthday, and I envisioned at the start of the year February being the most awesome month ever... note to self; stop putting pressure on things!

Anyway, instead I'm looking forward, counting down in a positive way, and have taken steps to choose happiness.
This includes contacting old friends, a lot of baking with my new Snoopy cupcake cases and a wonderful birthday gift full of a range of cakes and spending time with family, and an upcoming make up spree, alongside buying the most perfect mothers day gift I've thought of in years.

Have a wonderful week folks, and choose happiness!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Muddy Late Winter Walks with Cece

 A couple of days ago, whilst staying at my parents, we ventured out to the old woods by my childhood home to take Cece for a walk. To say it was a muddy walk would be a complete understatement... after wading through the mud and sludge in my ballet flats (BIG mistake!) and wishing I had my Joules wellies with me!
 There was one cheeky not so much a pup who seemed to love her walk!
 ( I have so many blurry mid action shots and I just love them... at least it shows happiness from Cece!)

As much as I've loved winter walking, I am very much looking forward to Spring and Summer with Cece... running across the field by our home is much more enjoyable on dry ground, and this year hopefully I will be venturing up London with her to take her to some London parks and woodland... any good spots, let me know!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lancome Vernis in Love; Madame Tulipe

Say hello to my all time favourite nail polish to date; LancĂ´me Vernis in Love; Madame Tulipe.
My love of this shade started back in 2014... I spotted my mother wearing the colour, and instantly recognised it as the shade of red I'd been looking for to match all my red lipsticks.
I waited, and waited and for Christmas received the nail polish. I haven't worn a different shade since Christmas.
 Funny little (probably pointless!) story; one evening after re-painting my nails, I left the bottle on the kitchen side. Thinking to myself 'I won't leave that there' picked it up, and dropped it, and it smashed; so in statement red nail varnish addict fashion, I went and brought 3 more bottles so I knew I'd be well stocked in case it ever went out of production. The message here... this nail polish is amazing.
The colour is such a rich red, and was perfect for Valentines. At £13, I'd recommend anyone searching for the perfect red, give this a try!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Game of Thrones Exhibition at London O2

The Game of Thrones Exhibition came to London this week, and Sky customers had exclusive access to get a pair of tickets to the exhibition. The exhibition was the O2 in Greenwich, and was free of charge.
 These photos were from the un-ticketed part of the exhibition... what I would give to have a poster as big as this in my house!

 Inside the exhibition was actual costumes and props from the show itself. The room was quite dark, which added more to the ambiance of the whole exhibition.

 There were lots of photo extras, aswell as an ascend the wall simulator... unfortunately lots of the extras had huge queues, so the only one I ended up doing was sitting on the Iron Throne!

Overall the exhibition was fantastic considering it was free, but way too crowded in parts to enjoy the full experience without spending hours there. The exhibition definitely got me psyched up for Season 5 airing in April!

Who is your favourite Game of Thrones character?